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Films and Film Festivals is an initiative of JSWM Productions 

Films and Film Festivals is a platform for the benefit of independent filmmakers, directors, media, distributors, producers, artists, entertainment professionals, models and event Managers to interact, create and benefit from various opportunities.

JSWM Productions was established in 2010, JSWM Productions is a Content Creation, Aggregation and Production Company. With expertise in producing Motion Pictures, Television Software, Film Festivals and Special Projects, JSWM Productions is equipped to meet the content needs of both consumers and clients alike by providing customized solutions across segments. JSWM Productions aims at producing innovative and quality films through an efficient film making process, by integrating content production, distribution, tie-ups for festivals and exhibitions and broadcasting. Its deep understanding of the global audience, genres and markets has led to aiming at meaningful and commercially viable cinema products. Its corporate practices include adopting new systems and technologies, following transparent accounting practices, expanding entertainment markets, improving consumer connect through content, market research, and showcase social issues and concerns in the area of public interest

Projects Accomplished

Ziyarat (The Pilgrimage), Award winning Feature Film

“Ziyarat” ( The pilgrimage), a journey beyond borders is inspired by the internal displacement and mass migration of a complete community of Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus) from their motherland Kashmir, which is also known as the Paradise on earth.

My Heroes   Award Winning Documentary Film

The documentary “My Heroes” is all about the physically

and Mentally challenged children who take challenges much

beyond challenges setting extraordinary examples for us.



Burning Sapphires   

Award winning Historical Fiction Book Published at Partridge Publishing

A penguin company

Synopsis of “Burning Sapphires”

Burning Sapphires” , Historical Fiction is inspired by Kashmir - The Paradise Lost

Infestation of terrorism, violence and atrocities resulted in Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from their Home Land on one hand and the other hand continued turmoil which never paused in the valley disrupting and destroying the life of each common man, The Kashmiri.

Part of Innocent Kashmiris who fled from the valley have been struggling to survive for the last 22 years in refugee camps around Jammu, Nagrota, Udhampur in J& K State, and some other locations across India. And the others who were left behind are continuously humiliated, their esteems destructed, their women raped, and their young ones murdered leaving countless homes devoid of life……..for what purpose?

The purpose may be ANY but the fact remains that The Paradise, its people r and their stories are getting lost as they go through a merciless genocide ……..

“Burning Sapphires” is a creative fiction about one such woman who despite all the odds in life, takes on the responsibility and leads the entire community towards a progressive solution and revives the injured spirits and minds of Kashmiris

A seven years old girl Ghulab Sahib living in Machail is unaware of life and its complications. 9,500 feet above sea level, the Machail village is surrounded by high mountains, thick deodar forests and attractive meadows that are fully covered with thick snow for most of the year except in the summer months. Machail village is situated in Paddar, in the Jammu and Kashmir State, India. Living her child hood in this most spectacular village she doesn’t know that destiny is going to disrupt her peaceful life and propel her through a maze of grueling fateful events. But these fateful events do not destroy her….instead a woman of great knowledge, substance, experience and unparalleled strength emerges in the being of Shahzadi Ghulab Sahib who takes charge Kashmiri’s, leading them towards a life of contentment, dignity and pride.


  • Awarded at Hollywood Book Festival, Los Angeles 2014
  • Awarded best fiction at Lit-O-Fest, the literary Festival Mumbai 2015
  • Reached Table of Honor, Los Angeles

Projects in the making

  • Feature Film “Burning Sapphires”  an adoption of the award                   winning     Historical Fiction Burning Sapphires
  • Feature Film “My Paradise has No Angels”

       A Historical Fiction on the Missing Persons And emerging                        unidentified clusters of graves in Kashmir    

  • Feature Film (No Title yet), based on true stories   on Illegal                     immigrants to Europe  with Europe based Co- Producers

  • Short film "Warasgaon Warriors"     

  • Feature film "Perfect Husband"

  • Feature Film "Red Light"

  • Waterfront Festival of International Films and Literature