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Waterfront Festival of International Films Lavasa


Neerja Kalia

Founder President

Author, Creative Consultant, Globally Acclaimed Painter and Philanthropist, Neerja Kalia is a multitalented genius who was on board with Cinevista Communications for 14 years as the Creative Consultant, Head of all operations inclusive of production and marketing in the North and East, India. In 2008 she joined Group m as a creative consultant and was heading

fiction. In 2018 joined Famhealth a startup Tata Sky channel as the member of the core 3 member creative team which was responsible for formatting the entire canvas of programming for the channel

Savita Goswami

Founder Joint President 

Partner at JSWM Productions. Co producer of “Ziyarat” , " My Heroes" and "Paristish Rooh Se - The Spiritual Pilgrimage"  Internationally acclaimed and award winning films. Jury member at Delhi International Film Festival 2012. Associated with many International Film festivals and Film Societies.

Suresh K Goswami

Founder Festival Director

Founder & Festival Secretary, Delhi International Film festival, Award winning Director/ Producer and writer at JSWM Productions. Award winning Published Author,  Apparel Designer and awarded Filmmaker he is associated with many International Film festivals and Film Societies. An accomplished CEO /  Managing director of Multinationals around the globe, currently working as a Filmmaker, entrepreneur and a consultant

J. K. Pandey

Founder Festival Secretary

Group Captain J k Pandey had served in the Indian Air Force for thirty years. He has varied interest in fields of photography, hiking and gardening that he now actively involves himself. On the social front he actively involves himself in various social activities in and around the villages of Lavasa

Vijay Sadhu

Founder Associate Director 

Vijay Sadhu is an electronic media practitioner of long standing, nationally and internationally. She has served on the jury panel of several prestigious international media festivals.Vijay has presented papers in many international conferences and gatherings of experts from all parts of the world. Her forte is international interaction with broadcasters and industry professionals.Vijay holds a Master’s degree in Indian instrumental classical music. 

Sharad Sadhu

Founder Associate Director

Sharad Sadhu has a long career in radio and TV broadcasting in India and abroad.

His forte is international relations and has close contacts with numerous professionals of repute. He has made presentations at many high level gatherings of experts. 

Anita Pandey

Founder Joint Secretary

Mrs Anita Pandey has around two decades of experience as a teacher of English in various public schools and colleges. Her cheerful disposition and friendly inter-personal interaction is an added qualification. She loves visiting exotic and beautiful counties all over the world. Ms Anita has had few publications so far ranging from two books on management, a compilation of her travelogues and contribution of short stories for an antholog

Ayesha Riazuddin

Festival Vice President Fashion

Renowned hairdresser Ayesha Riazuddin, instructor of L'Oreal Professional Paris, A leading expert in in the field of cosmetics and hair treatments she owns a L’Oreal Professional training Institute a chain of Salon Ayesha in Mumbai. She is well known for her contribution towards fashion support to the Bollywood.

Pushpendra Sharma

Founder Associate Director

A film Business strategist, Mr. Pushpendra has tremendous expertise in strategizing the commercial business of Film Making. His experience and knowledge about the Indian Film Industry stands out as one of the best in the country

Jivarth Goswami

Founder Event Manager

A versatile and multi talented, Jivarth excels  in his job at Walmart, music  composing, sound engineering, singing, writing, sports and continues to be an exceptional orator. He has acted in several feature films, short films and assisted in short films and documentaries with JSWM Productions

Ravi Kashalkar

Founder Official Festival DOP

Having been in the business of Fashion and Advertising photography Mr. Ravi Kashalkar has clearly distinguished himself as one of the top photographers in the Film and television


Santanu Ganguly
Founder Festival Curator

Santanu Ganguly is a Delhi based Film Festival Curator, worked with the Cinefan – Festival of Asian Cinema, and Delhi International Film Festival and many other International Film Festivals