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Officially Selected Films at WFFIFL Film Festival

1.   ENOUGH! Lebanon's Darkest Hour Director Daizy Gedeon in Feature length, Australia
2.   Aliens On Halloween (short cut) Director Riker Lynch in Shorts & Animation, United States
3.   My Heroes Director Suresh K Goswami in Shorts & Animation, India
Warasgaon Warriors Director Misha Goswami Khosla in Shorts & Animation, India
5.   Love Birds Director Suresh K Goswami in Shorts & Animation, India
6.  Parastish Rooh Se - Spiritual Worship Director Suresh K Goswami in Shorts & Animation, India
7.   Ziyarat - The Pilgrimage Director Suresh K Goswami in Feature length, India
8.   The Iron Lady of Kashmir Director Suresh K Goswami in Feature length, India
9.   The Voice of Cycling Directors    Eleanor Sharpe, Nickolas Bird  in Feature length Australia
10. MONTUR MONTOH (Montu's mind) Director Ramen Borah in Feature length, India
11.  Zero Gravity Director Thomas Verrette in Feature length, United States
12.  CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR Director Aathis Che in Shorts & Animation, India
13.  Misdeed Director Debrah Jalmet in Shorts & Animation, Nigeria
14.  YANAYI Director Debrah Jalmet in Shorts & Animation, Nigeria
15.  Stitched Director Steven Okoh in Shorts & Animation, Nigeria
16.  Derrick's wedding Director Steven Okoh, in Shorts & Animation, Nigeria
17.  a few days MORE Director O P Srivastava in Feature length, India
18.  Sekuritas Director Carmen Stadler, in Feature length, Switzerland
19.  Sharkwater Extinction Director Rob Stewart in Feature length, Canada
20.  Saving North: Rescuing the Wooden Churches of Northern RussiaDirector J. Mitchell Johnson in Feature length, USA 
21.  The Mystery of a Buryat Lama Director Elena Demidova in Feature length, Russian Federation
22.  Iris Director Diana Rodriguez in Feature length, United States
23.  Angie: Lost Girls Director Julia Verdin in Feature length, United States
24.  The Creepy Line Director M.A. Taylor in Feature length, United States
25.  Marcel Duchamp: Art of the Possible Director Matthew Taylor in Feature length, USA
26.  Safeguard: An Electoral College Story Director MA Taylor in Feature Length, United States
27.  ONLY HUMAN Director Igor Ivanov in Feature length, Macedonia, the former Yug
28.  The Little Beach Director Sonia in Shorts & Animation, Argentina
29.  The Other Directors Saman Hosseinpuor, Ako Zandkarimi in Shorts & Animation, Islamic Republic of Iran
30.  Abandonment Director Sagnik Dutta Gupta in Shorts & Animation, India
31.  ROHINGYA 2.O''People from nowhere " SHORT . Director HAIDER KHAN, in Shorts & Animation, India
32.  The Dig Director Mansoor Ahmed in Shorts & Animation,United States

Award Winners