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Ghulab Sahib, second publication of the original Award Winning Historical Fiction Novel Burning Sapphires


  • Awarded at Hollywood Book Festival, Los Angeles 2014
  • Awarded best fiction at Lit-O-Fest, the literary Festival Mumbai 2015
  • Reached Table of Honor, Los Angeles  

About the book

There is a cold sense of antagonism that permeates the valley once called the paradise on earth. It is a quarrel between substance and form you may say – does a country owe most to its past or present? In both senses Kashmir is curiously treated and the wails of history often ignored as passing winds. “Ghulab Sahib”, a passionate book on tragedy, hope and inspiration, though a fiction, recounts real life snippets from lives of the many Kashmiri Pandits, who lived through the nightmare of their exodus from their once peaceful homeland.

The compelling inspiration of "Ghulab Sahib" comes from Kashmir—the Paradise Lost. Infestation of terrorism, violence and atrocities resulted in Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from their Home Land Kashmir in India on one hand and the on other hand continued turmoil, which never paused in the valley, disrupting and destroying the life of each common man, The Kashmiri. Part of Innocent Kashmiris who fled from the valley have been struggling to survive for the last 22 years in refugee camps around Jammu, Nagrota, Udhampur in J&K State, and some other locations across India. And the others who were left behind are continuously humiliated, their esteems destructed, their women raped, and their young ones murdered leaving countless homes devoid of life ... for what purpose? The purpose may be ANY but the fact remains that The Paradise, its people and their stories are getting lost as they go through a merciless genocide. The inability of the administration to provide security, safety and protection of the fundamental rights of millions of people is pathetic and questionable. In general the administration and the rest of the communities shift the blame of this exodus of Kashmiri Pandits on to the local populace of Muslims in Kashmir and for those suffering in Kashmir, shift the blame on the fundamentalists and the emerging politicians in Kashmir as an excuse for disowning the responsibility instead of bringing about a solution.

The story of Shahzadi Ghulab Sahib is an inspiring story of a woman who beat the odds and brought peace, safety and fulfilment to many Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits locally and around the world. She's someone that you can't help but be inspired by and fall in love with, her strength of will; her character and her determination are the driving forces in her life and the story. Those forces take her from living a life as a young girl in the Machail village in the Kashmiri Mountains to being a leader for hundreds of thousands of Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits who live a life of oppression, rejection and disparity from insurgents. Shahzadi Ghulab Sahib, a woman moulded from the travails and conflicts of the sad, beautiful land. It is a story of one of civilization's most important crossroads, the trail of tears are Burning Sapphires the learned, courageous and indomitable heroine picks to pay the price for the impoverished people of Kashmir who are held hostage by fear, misunderstanding and historical violence.