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My Heroes

Award winning Documentary about physically as well as mentally challenged teenagers who have excelled beyond imagination in life. My Heroes have striven ahead leaving their handicaps and hurdles far behind setting examples for all of us.
Their real life stories are so inspiring that after looking into their achievements, the perception of life takes a different dimension altogether. Unfortunately, the swimming, or any Olympic sport for that matter, does not get due recognition and sponsorship in India due to an insensitive system that continues to be reluctant in providing support to the sports aspirants, but thanks to few individuals and organizations , who come out in the open and provide a platform to the sports enthusiastic aspirants to grow and realize their dreams ,specially the challenged ones who strive to come over their disabilities and often demonstrate exemplary achievements that surprise the normal human beings. 


  • Official selection at Delhi International Film Festival 2013
  • Official Screening At Jaipur International Film Festival 2013
  •  Official Selection at Six Sigma Film festival, March 2013
  • Official selection at We Care film Festival, May 2013
  • Official / Special Screening at Swimmathon Event February 2013
  • Was part of Goa International Film Festival  Market 2013
  • Official selection / screening at Nashik  International Film Festival 20- 23 March 2014
  • Official Screening at Rolling Frames Short Film  Summit 2014 at  Bangalore 6 July 2014                                                                                            
  • Official Selection at Best Shorts Competition,  California, USA 2014
  • Official Selection at Pink City International Short Film Festival 2014
  • Official Selection at International Independent Film Awards,  California, USA 2014  
  • Most Popular film award at COFFI, six sigma film festival 2013
  • Best Film Award at We Care Film Festival (A United Nations Enabled  Film Festival). 2013
  • Best Documentary Film International Golden Camera Award Nashik  International Film  Festival              20 - 23 March 2014
  • Best Director Award at Rolling Frames Short Film Summit 2014 at Bangalore 6th  July 2014                                    
  • Award of Merit at Best Shorts Competition, California, USA 2014
  • Award of Appreciation at Pink City International Short Film Festival  September 2014
  • Honorable Mention Award at International Independent Film  Awards, California, USA 2014
  • My Heroes is judged as FINALIST at  Industry Boost Competition at Indiewise USA 2016